with your very own video testimonial


*One Grand Prize Winner will receive Four 12oz Cell Therapy Systems - a 1 Year Supply. The first 20 submissions will receive a FREE 12oz Bottle of Ovation Cell Therapy Hair & Scalp Treatment.



with your very own video testimonial


*One Grand Prize Winner will receive Four 12oz Cell Therapy Systems - a 1 Year Supply. The first 20 submissions will receive a FREE 12oz Bottle of Ovation Cell Therapy Hair & Scalp Treatment.

Featured Success Story
Jenn's Holiday Gift Set Testimonial
What I’ve noticed is I don’t have as much fallout and that’s huge for me. It’s all about the Cell Therapy hair treatment. That to me, is the miracle worker that helps prevent my fallout.

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I have never before written a company regarding a product, but your products have proven to be so outstanding I had to reach out and tell you how pleased I've been with the results. I cannot thank you enough. A product that actually lives up to its claims and then some. Well done!

  • Maribeth

I have gotten compliments from complete strangers on my hair. And I sing the praises of Ovation to everyone I can. I also have ordered your 6 oz. set for two of my friends, who love Ovation, as well. I could go on and on, but I think you get the point.

  • Karen

Ovation Cell Therapy® is the absolute best! I have been using it for over 2 months now and I can't begin to describe the beautiful effects of your product on my hair - it's incredibly soft, and feels and looks thicker. It's shiney, manageable, strong and beautiful, to boot! OMG! I LOVE MY HAIR! I take my product along w/ me every time I go the beauty salon to have my hair washed and styled. My hair dresser is usually not impressed w/ commercial products, other than the ones she purchases through wholesale distributors and she uses one product line specifically on her customers. But she loves Ovation and feels your product has contributed to my healthy head of hair. I am African American and was wearing braids up until October '09. I wore them to give my hair a rest and to promote growth. I had also colored my hair prior to braiding it and it had broken off around my face. I discussed my hair care plan w/ my beautician prior to taking my braids down. We agreed she would use a "mild" texturizer on my hair, which would allow for more manageability of my coarse hair, but w/ out the harsh side-effects of a straight relaxer. Well, I have to tell you, the effects of using Ovation Cell Therapy and the texturizer have been phenomenal, to say the least. I wash my hair weekly and leave the Cell Therapy on my hair for up to two hours, before I rinse it and apply the Creme Rinse. Ovation appears to protect my hair from the heated styling tools I use (daily). Ovation Cell Therapy is the best! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  • Karen V.

I am thrilled with the Ovation Hair® Therapy System! I have extremely thin hair and have suffered from alopecia areata for 40 years with some new areas surfacing recently. I saw a difference in the condition of my hair after the first use. I know it's not my imagination because my boyfriend told me my hair looks thicker. I will definitely continue to use Ovation! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

  • Gail

I am a hairstylist and have long hair. I wish to have waist-length hair one day but realized that may never happen as much as it's breaking off (due to coloring, hi-lighting and heating tools). I decided to give Ovation a try after noticing a difference in my client's hair. I've told a few of my clients about that client's results and they started to use it and I noticed the positive results in their hair. I was sad and frustrated with the frazzled state my hair was at and not willing to cut 10 inches off, ordered Ovation figuring I had nothing to lose. It's only been about 2 weeks since I started using it and already see a dramatic difference! My hair feels stronger. I don't have as much breakage(it used to snow hair in my bathroom whenever I'd brush it) and I'm not shedding as much. It also feels thicker. I am a very happy hairstylist :o)

  • Mina

OMG!!! So I've been hearing about your hair products on the radio and finally gave them a try. My entire life my hair has been extra thick but often frizzy and had the texture of a horse mane. After 3 weeks using your product my hair is unrecognizable. Soft, smooth, silky. Completely amazing. I don't even wanna know what's in the stuff - it works! Thank you so much; finally at 44 my hair is living up to its potential.

  • Lynnae

Dear Ovation, I am a hairstylist and I recently went through chemotherapy treatments for 8 months. I ordered your product and began using it just as soon as I was done with treatment. I have to tell you I was skeptical, but all my hair came back just as full if not fuller than before I lost it. I have to tell you I was bald as a billiard ball, and my hair came back even and quickly. I now have about 4 inches of hair and I'm thrilled to have it all back. Thank you Ovation for developing such a wonderful product.

  • Lynnette

I bought your shampoo, conditioner, and Cell Therapy and LOVE IT!! After about 2 weeks of using it I really noticed a huge difference in my hair. It is softer, thicker, silky, and is growing like crazy! I recommend your product to everyone! I even posted it on my Facebook page! KSCS 96.3 is where I heard about it and they promote it all the time! Thank you.

  • Emily

I would LOVE to be one of your testimonials as I've never been able to grow my hair past the tops of my shoulders and it was SO fine that you could almost see through it! After using your products for only a couple of months, my hair has grown well past my shoulders and is thicker and shinier than it's ever been in my life! My family and friends (as well as my hairdresser!) have been absolutely amazed over my hair's transformation so much so that they've all asked about your products and my hairdresser now recommends it to all of his clients! Thank you for providing me (everyone) with a safe, natural product that really delivers what it promises and, believe me, I was more than skeptical at first (and so was everyone else!). But, there's simply no denying just how well your products work because I'm living proof that they do!

  • Michele

Thank you for such a great product! I could never find anything that would make my hair soft and shiny but the Ovation does this and it makes my hair so thick and super strong! Plus my hairdresser can't believe how fast my hair is growing! She said my hair is growing twice as fast as the normal person. Thank you! I just wish I knew about your product sooner!

  • Kim